Company News

CyberPro Forensic Appliance NEW Features including VoIP (8/10/2017) - CyberPro’s unique form factor incorporates all of Packet Continuum’s newest features and additionally includes its own exclusive new feature for VOIP incident response to enable the investigation and mitigation of SIP attacks.
The Powerful CyberPro Toolset Just Got Even Better (1/31/2017) - With new features added to the already comprehensive toolset, CyberPro is the most versatile, most open, low-cost, high-performance tool in the arsenal of any network analyst or cyber security investigator.
Portable Packet Forensics Appliance Answers the Call for On-Site Cyber Security and Network Analysis (11/19/2015) - The CyberPro is a portable all-in-one appliance for high-speed packet capture, IoC event alerting, BPF filter event triggering, and a fully integrated analytics workflow with a collection of open source packet analysis software tools. It is an ideal tool for network performance monitoring, cyber forensics, compliance enforcement, lawful intercept, and packet data analytics. Read More