2016 Cybersecurity Skills Gap


Cyberattacks are growing, but the talent pool of defenders is not keeping pace. Check out this infographic from ISACA. Source: http://cybersecurity.isaca.org The solution is better automation and forensics capability with your hardware. CyberPro has what you need.

Bank of America: ‘Safety and security’ will be a $1.5 trillion industry by 2020


The cyber realm has never been more dangerous, and no one is completely immune to the dangers stemming from Russian for-profit hackers, the Chinese government, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps, and transnational organized-crime groups. Safety, and anxieties about safety, is turning into a trillion-dollar industry, with cyber as a major looming threat for government, business, and ordinary consumers. Read the … Read More

Biggest cybersecurity threats in 2016


Headless worms, machine-to-machine attacks, jailbreaking, ghostware and two-faced malware: The language of cybersecurity incites a level of fear that seems appropriate, given all that’s at stake. “Because attackers may circumvent preventative controls, detection and response capabilities are becoming increasingly critical,” advises [research company] Gartner in its report. Read the full article at CNBC: http://www.cnbc.com/2015/12/28/biggest-cybersecurity-threats-in-2016.html Original Author: Harriet Taylor Do you … Read More

Does a data breach really affect your firm’s reputation?


Research and surveys are showing that breaches always impact the bottom line, but if they are managed and responded to adequately, then cost and brand damage can be significantly reduced. Does your business have a incident response plan in place? Read the full article at Network World: http://www.networkworld.com/article/3019930/security/does-a-data-breach-really-affect-your-firm-s-reputation.html Original Author: Doug Drinkwater

Portable Packet Forensics Appliance Answers the Call for On-Site Cyber Security and Network Analysis

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The CyberPro is a portable all-in-one appliance for high-speed packet capture, IoC event alerting, BPF filter event triggering, and a fully integrated analytics workflow with a collection of open source packet analysis software tools. It is an ideal tool for network performance monitoring, cyber forensics, compliance enforcement, lawful intercept, and packet data analytics. Read More