nextcomputing-logo-med-300x122NextComputing is the developer of an open, scalable, and high-performance software framework for capture and managing big data on the wire including lossless packet capture, NetFlow and metadata generation, and fast packet retrieval. We also offer solutions based on enterprise-class industry-standard Linux servers such as those by DELL, as well as our own developed and manufactured appliances for portable and small form factor rack deployable use cases. We are focused on enabling enhanced workflows for OEMs, solutions providers, and enterprise users who are looking for an open framework to support a range of potential tools. We also offer a complete suite of services that can add value to your business such as optimizing workflows to meet your needs, connector development integration with your analytics tools, software branding, various configuration options, and more.

Our systems are used in a range of industries, and we have extensive experience in fields such as cyber forensics, cyber security, and big data analytics.