Company News

NextComputing CyberNUC Field Ready Packet Capture System Remotely Manages 100 Security Appliances with Federation Manager (2/6/2018)- CyberNUC provides remote management capabilities via its Federation Manager feature, simplifying cybersecurity updates, alerts, policy changes, and IP monitoring for companies with multiple geographic locations needing to manage cybersecurity updates from one central hub.
NextComputing Introduces CyberNUC – Complete Field Ready Packet Capture System – In the Palm of your Hand (1/31/2018)- Introducing the perfect system for today’s Cyber Analysts, Cyber-Hunters, and any other cybersecurity professional who needs to take all the functionality of a complete packet capture system into the field with them.
NextComputing Adds Critical Threat Intelligence Tools to CyberPro (1/24/2018)- Our latest cyber security system update brings new features focused on helping you defend critical IPs and block threat IPs on your network.