cyberpro Overview

Low-Cost, High-Performance, Portable Packet Forensics Appliance for Network Analysts and Cyber Security Investigators

CyberPro is the perfect tool for today’s Cyber-Hunters, IT/InfoSec specialists, and field network engineers, whose mission is to keep modern digital IP networks up and running – and fully protected. Grab this portable tool, arrive on-site, plug into the network without disrupting IT operations, and get productive fast!

Within a mobile, lightweight test appliance, CyberPro offers high-speed capture, indicators-of-compromise (IoC) alerting, and fully integrated analytics workflow. View long PCAP forensic timelines based on inline data compression. Find critical incidents for full-session analytics and reconstruction. CyberPro is ideal for network performance monitoring, cyber forensics, compliance enforcement, lawful intercept, and packet data analytics.

Download CyberPro Datasheet

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Key Features

  • Lossless Capture

    3 options for lossless packet capture: 1-3Gbps, 5-10Gbps, 7.5-15Gbps

  • Simultaneous Search

    Stream initial search results of PCAP, IPFIX/netflow, and log files to any visualization tool, even while a critical search in on-going. No more waiting for endless query response times!

  • Active Triggers

    Use real-time, dynamic, user-defined Active Triggers and real-time analytics to rapidly direct critical PCAP data for post-processing, using any of multiple third-party open source DPI software packages, conveniently pre-installed and ready-to-use within CyberPro.

  • Extensive Logging Features

    RFC anomaly logging, file download event logging, multi-protocol event / metadata logging. The Log Manager also allows for search, cross-correlation and extraction: HTTP, files, DNS, email, user agents, TLS/SSL.

  • Efficient Data Management

    CyberPro’s built-in PCAP streaming means that no third-party software will “choke” on too much data throughput during PCAP post-processing.

  • Unified GUI

    CyberPro’s interactive dashboard drives your investigation workflow. You control capture operations, check the scrolling alert log, and quickly extract PCAP or IPFIX (netflow) data into Wireshark, or log/metadata findings results into CSV or text. Streaming results are also remotely accessible, both from a host-based WebGUI over the REST interface, and even from a streaming output port into any 3rd party forensics tool.

  • Visualization

    Visualization is pre-installed and hard-wired into the CyberPro workflow, using open industry-standard data file formats: PCAP & IPFIX records open in WireShark; log searches open as CSV files; reports as TXT/RTF files.

CyberPro Workflow

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CyberPro lets you jump quickly between PCAP actions and your tools-of-choice. Gain new insight from DPI analytics tools, and generate graphical incident reports. Then iterate new Active Trigger alerts and PCAP searches, to conclude your investigation quickly.

Real-Time Analytics Features

Open up to 10 simultaneous BPF-based “Active Triggers”. Adjust them dynamically.

Log Manager events, all with search, cross-correlation and extraction:

  • HTTP
  • File event logging, with file size and URL or SMTP reference
  • DNS
  • Email
  • User agents
  • Active Triggers (BPF signature)
  • 1000 Snort rules (emerging-DNS, emerging-ftp
  • System events

Log Manager search actions:

  • All logs are time-correlated with PCAPs and IPFIX data
  • Text string search of logs
  • IPFIX record logging and search
  • Choose your results for any search: PCAP, IPFIX, logs, etc.
  • One-click searches auto-populate time period and search filter (BPF), based on context

CyberPro Open Data Access

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Packet Capture Features

Continuous lossless packet capture, with configurations up to 15 Gbps, into a rolling FIFO Capture Store

Searchable data recorder for IPFIX netflow records and log files

Real time indexing and alerting — with time stamping as low as 150 nanoseconds

Data compression in real time — Overall storage amplification up to 10x

Dedicated onboard Extraction Store retains all search query results, retrievable by user-defined name

Options for PCAP (or IPFIX) search results:

  • View in Wireshark on the local display UI
  • Remotely access from an external host via Web GUI or REST/API scripting
  • Run the critical sessions over the Streaming Playback Interface to any 3rd party forensic analysis tool. Simply connect streaming playback output to the capture interface of your tool, just like a span/mirror port.

CyberPro Capture Process

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Continuous lossless packet capture, with configurations up to 10 Gbps, into a rolling FIFO capture store. A separate extraction store retains PCAP file query results.

4-tuple indexing in real time — IP address source/destination, port source/destination — with time stamping as low as 150 nanoseconds

PCAP compression in real time — Overall storage amplification up to 20x (depending on % of captured traffic that is SSL or video)

Search PCAP data from a convenient web GUI, using easy BPF+ descriptors, immediately streaming the results from capture store to persistent extraction store.

Transportation Cases

Soft Case

A high-quality, padded carrying bag is included with the CyberPro.

  • Has room and extra pockets for your keyboard, mouse, cables, and other items
  • The case can be branded with your logo stitched on the front
  • Fits in the overhead bin on an airplane
Compact Rugged Case

A compact rugged transport case is also available for the CyberPro.

  • Internal foam cutout snugly holds the CyberPro, as well as spaces for additional accessories
  • Fits in the overhead bin of some planes
  • Exterior dimensions (L X W X D) 24.39″ x 19.36″ x 8.79″ (62 x 49.2 x 22.3 cm)
Full Size Rugged Case

Full size rugged case with wheels and telescoping handle.

  • Internal foam cutout snugly holds the CyberPro, as well as spaces for additional accessories
  • Can be checked as baggage, while giving you peace of mind that your system is safe
  • Exterior dimensions (L X W X D) – 24.60″ x 19.70″ x 11.70″ (62.5 x 50 x 29.7 cm)
Download CyberPro PDF
Download the CyberPro datasheet for detailed specs and configurations

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