NextComputing CyberNUC Field Ready Packet Capture System Remotely Manages 100 Security Appliances with Federation Manager

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NextComputing recently announced the CyberNUC field ready, packet capture cybersecurity appliance.  CyberNUC provides remote management capabilities via its Federation Manager feature, simplifying cybersecurity updates, alerts, policy changes, and IP monitoring for companies with multiple geographic locations needing to manage cybersecurity updates from one central hub.

CyberNUC can be dispersed at up to 100 field locations and monitored offsite, as well as enable Central IT Departments and Security Operations Center (SOC) teams to update security policies remotely. Administrators have complete control utilizing a single, unified web-based user interface.

Based on our Packet Continuum packet capture workflow, the CyberNUC offers high-speed capture, indicators-of-compromise (IoC) / IDS alerting, and a fully integrated analytics workflow. View long PCAP forensic timelines based on inline data compression. Find critical incidents for full-session analytics and reconstruction. CyberNUC is ideal for network performance monitoring, cyber forensics, compliance enforcement, lawful intercept, and packet data analytics.

NextComputing recently added a Threat IP / Asset IP management feature to Packet Continuum, enabling the identification and investigation into suspicious IP activity.  Known trusted IPs can be monitored and whitelisted as well.  CyberNUC includes all the latest features available on Packet Continuum.  Read the recent announcement detailing the complete set of Threat Intelligence tools here.

CyberNUC’s Federation Manager key advantages include:

  • Manage up to 100 CyberNUC systems remotely
  • Real-time data viewable with a single, unified Wed-based User Interface
  • Single query accesses critical event data from all CyberNUC appliances in the field
  • Remote packet viewer for full session content alerting
  • Download PCAP files for central analysis with centralized tools
  • Upload IDS Alerts and new Threat-IP Lists to all CyberNUC appliances simultaneously

CyberNUC can be purchased directly on the company’s newly opened Cybersecurity web store.

NextComputing also plans to offer the CyberNUC to the SOHO market so small businesses and offices can enjoy the security benefits of consistent monitoring and analysis without the exorbitant costs normally associated with that.  Coined Packet Continuum Lite, the company will offer the product as a monthly subscription.  Much like a software license, the system can be federated for multiple users at different locations, even on an Enterprise level.  This allows the Administrator to have control over monitoring of IP addresses and data remotely, even for telecommuters.

There is no need to purchase the system with the Packet Continuum Lite package. This keeps costs very low for smaller businesses without a lot to invest in cybersecurity.  Contact NextComputing directly for monthly pricing.

Visit the new online store for purchase of the CyberNUC field-ready packet capture system.

Press Contact:
Laura Cooper
Marketing Director

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