NextComputing Introduces CyberNUC – Complete Field Ready Packet Capture System – In the Palm of your Hand

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NextComputing announces the availability of its powerful Packet Continuum cybersecurity software architecture inside the smallest box possible. Introducing…. CyberNUC. About the size of a pair of stacked hockey pucks, users can hold this complete packet capture system in one hand.

CyberNUC is the perfect tool for today’s Cyber Analysts, Cyber-Hunters, and any other security professional who needs to take all the functionality of a complete packet capture system into the field with them. Already have a toolbox full of your favorite cybersecurity tools at the ready? Plug CyberNUC into your existing laptop and gain all the features of our exclusive Packet Continuum packet capture architecture, such as fast query retrieval and a real-time Log Manager with an intuitive UI.

Lightweight and small, CyberNUC can also be used as a standalone system. A monitor and keyboard are all you need for viewing.

“This product is a game changer for Cyber Analysts. They effectively have the functionality of a complete data/forensic analysis system in a size that can fit right into their laptop bag. Add it to your favorite security tools to round out your onsite cybersecurity service package or use it as a stand-alone system. It has the capabilities to provide critical applications, like incident response and security assessments, on its own. You can offload data to tools you are already using,” relates Bob Labadini, President and CTO of NextComputing.

CyberNUC is ideal for network performance monitoring, cyber forensics, compliance enforcement, lawful intercept, and packet data analytics. Find critical incidents for full-session analytics and reconstruction.

NextComputing recently added threat/asset IP management features to Packet Continuum, enabling the identification and investigation into suspicious IP address activity. Known trusted IPs can be monitored and whitelisted as well. CyberNUC includes all the latest features available on Packet Continuum. Read the recent announcement detailing the complete set of threat intelligence tools here.

The company’s new CyberNUC, along with its new threat intelligence feature set, comes at the same moment NextComputing opens its own cybersecurity-focused web store. CyberNUC is now available for direct purchase at your fingertips. For users interested in CyberPro or Packet Continuum, NextComputing Sales Engineers are always available to answer any questions you may have.

Visit the new online store for purchase of the CyberNUC field-ready packet capture system.

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Laura Cooper
Marketing Director

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