The Powerful CyberPro Toolset Just Got Even Better

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NextComputing has enhanced the functionality of the CyberPro portable packet forensics appliance. With new features added to the already comprehensive toolset, CyberPro is the most versatile, most open, low-cost, high-performance tool in the arsenal of any network analyst or cyber security investigator.

Newly Optimized UI

An updated UI for easy management and correlation between data sets such as PCAPs, netflow, and numerous real-time logs. This includes a new Sankey Relationship diagram which shows who-talks-to-who among IP/port number entity pairs.

With just one click to a Sankey Diagram or a Time Line Graph, you can jump right into a search for critical PCAP session or log data to speed your investigation.

Updated Log Manager

The integrated real-time Log Manager is a powerful tool for searching, cross-correlation, and extraction of data. The Log Manager time stamps and provides session IDs and metadata for network events such as HTTP, files, DNS, email, user agents, TLS/SSL, Active Triggers (BPF signature), system events, and 100 Snort rules (emerging-DNS, emerging-ftp, and files).

Logs are instantly searchable by text string, time period and/or BPF. With a single click, pivot from a critical event to PCAP session data, IPFIX record flows, or any other recorded log files.

Then you can export logs in open-standard file formats such as PCAP-NG and CSV for analysis in any tool you want.

Open External Access

Manage your data from anywhere with the remote access Web UI and REST/API, offering complete functional control of the system from wherever you need to be.

Stream extracted PCAP data from a playback output port for ingestion into any legacy 3rd party forensics tool.

And More

3 high-speed capture configurations, allowing for the right capture timeline and storage to meet your needs; up to 15Gbps lossless packet capture.

IPFIX flow data is now viewable in Wireshark, in addition to extracted PCAP files.

Now you can change pre-capture filters on-the-fly while capture is running.

CyberPro is exactly the cyber-tool you need to quickly uncover the malicious cyber-intruder or to discover the root cause of critical network performance anomalies. Grab CyberPro, rush to the target site, and let CyberPro help you be the hero!